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New Year's Rockpile: TGI2012!

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Happy Not 2011!
Happy Not 2011!

No more Lopezes, spiting my predictions,

No more of Stewart's hitting afflictions,

No more Spill the Beans,

No more Street closings.

No more Ubaldo, which makes me sad,

but more Pomeranz, which is kind of rad.

No more pitchers ringing up the score,

But no more CDI, ringing up the WAR.

No more Tracy?

No... more Tracy.


No more Seth not hitting southpaws,

But perhaps Casey Blake, with an out-clause.

More Tulo, more Cargo, more Arenado,

Less Punto, less Cardinals, more Colorado

No more Wiggy, no more chokes,

No more "versatility", that's all folks.