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Friday Rockpile: Blackmon Is Smart, Kyle Parker, Fan Fest

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Rockies' Blackmon turns from books back to big league career - The Denver Post

Did you know?

While the Rockies floundered through the months of August and September, Charles Blackmon spent the dog days back at his alma mater.

Oh, did I say alma mater? I'm sorry, that would imply that he had graduated from Georgia Tech. Well, that's just not true, and while the Rockies fell down the seemingly endless staircase of failure and disappointment, Blackmon went and earned himself 16 credit hours and finished that degree in dentistry.

What, he didn't major in dentistry? Man, that's disappointing.

Well, he did graduate from Georgia Tech (turns out in the field of business administration and finance), and part of that graduation process is to punch an engineer in the stomach and say something to the effect of "GOLDEN Tech? I bet I can slide the word Georgia right in there and people will think it was our fight song all along!" and then lead the crowd in a rousing 5 verse round of "The Mining Engineer".

Really, Blackmon will be a welcome sight back in Coors Field this spring. Blackmon fits more of the mold that the Rockies are looking at of a hard-working, hustling player who doesn't strike out very often and doesn't tweet about video games. He's wacky enough to fill the Ryan Spilborghs jokester role, his nose makes him a perfect Brad Hawpe replacement, and his number 8 should sate people who just can't handle not having Yorvit Torrealba on this team.

Kyle Parker Debut A Mixed Bag For Rockies | FanGraphs Baseball
Kyle Parker fans should take a look at this rundown from Mike Newman on Fangraphs of Parker's 2011 campaign in Asheville. Quick summary:

Given his being age appropriate for the level, if not a touch long in the tooth, Parker’s triple slash line of .285/.367/.483 appears better on paper than in practice as his 132/48 strikeout-to-walk ratio and .353 BABIP point to a prospect whose success has a bit of a "Smoke and Mirrors" feel.

Don't take that as a complete indictment, as Newman cites Parker's dual-sport background as a potential hindrance in his mechanical development along with some potential hope. Parker has a lot of work to do to stand up to that 1st round pedigree.

Rockies Fan Fest next weekend: Tulo, CarGo, Giambi scheduled to attend | On the Rox — Colorado Rockies news — Denver Post

We might have covered this already, but if you aren't going to this, well, change your mind. You might be thinking "Oh, but Andrew, I'm not a season ticket or mini plan holder! I cannot go!" WELL YOU JUST HOLD YOUR SILLY HORSES - there's now a SECOND DAY on January 22nd, open to the general public! YOU CAN GO TO FAN FEST EVEN WITHOUT SEASON TICKETS! HOLY SMOKES!