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Saturday Rockpile: Kuroda officially off the table, Yankees/Mariners swap young stars, Pomeranz off the hook

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One of the free agent pitchers that the Rockies were interested in (but not necessarily pursuing) is now off the market, as Hiroki Kuroda has signed a one-year deal with the New York Yankees. This comes on the heels of the bombers acquiring young stud Michael Pineda in a trade that sent shockwaves throughout baseball. In return, the Mariners received Jesus Montero, who was one of several prospects that the Rockies were asking for during talks with the Yanks regarding Ubaldo Jimenez last summer. The Yankees, who have been surprisingly quiet this offseason, are now starting to get the ball rolling on doing what they do best - signing free agents and bullying other teams out of their talent.

In other news around baseball, Martin Prado came one step closer to staying with Atlanta for the 2012 season by agreeing to avoid arbitration by signing for $4.75 million. Braves GM Frank Wren stated last week that Prado will likely still be with the Braves once Spring Training rolls around, and this helps solidify that claim (although Prado going to arbitration wouldn't have necessarily marked the end of his time in Atlanta, either).

It's a slow news day, but there are a couple more links after the jump...

Rockies, Sky Sox extend contract through 2014 -

This is somewhat surprising, only because the Rockies' front office has spoken up a bit lately about how much the AAA club playing in a place like Colorado Springs affects their plans for where they slot prospects into the minor league mix. Maybe the humidor installation at Security Service Field is a foregone conclusion now, or maybe the team just wants to tough it out for a few more years.

Kansas City Royals, Kevin Kouzmanoff agree - ESPN

Kevin Kouzmanoff's short-term stint with the Rockies is now officially-officially over. During his limited tenure with Colorado, Kouz hit .255/.315/.398 with three homers - good for an 83 OPS+.

Agent: Charges against Rockies' Drew Pomeranz dismissed - Denver Post

There's a valuable lesson to be learned from all of this: Don't go to the bar.