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Monday Rockpile: Nearly All Over But For The Tears

The Rockies need to go 1-2 against Arizona to finish the season above 100 losses. Kudos to you, Purple Row readers, for sticking with us and our crappy club this 2012 season.

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The Colorado Rockies are sitting at a miserable record of 62-97. A sweep in the great state of Arizona will result in the first ever 100-loss season for the franchise. Last week, I took the liberty of saying that it's not that big of a deal. There's no possible way that 2012 doesn't go down as the worst season in franchise history. The actual W-L record is already guaranteed to be the worst ever, and I can't imagine any possible way that fan perception won't remember 2012 as being the bottom of the Rockies' barrel.

Thus far in 2012, the Rockies are 6-9 against the Diamondbacks, 2-4 in Phoenix, 4-5 in Coors Field. I won't dive too much farther into the Arizona splits this year, as I want to leave SOMETHING for Bryan to write about in the final KYF of the 2012 season. But really, going 1-2 over the final 3 games of 2012 seems right on target, and would help Colorado avoid an arbitrary ugly mark on their franchise record books.

I'm sure there's still something positive to say, or more griping to do, or more hope to be lost to our slow moving Front Office, but right now, I'm having trouble finding something to say that hasn't been said before.

I have to say that I'm most impressed with the fans this season. Not necessarily those filing into the gates of Coors Field day in and day out, but you guys here on Purple Row. We've had very few weekday Rockpiles not crack 100 comments, and it's almost unusual to see a Rockpile not go 200-300 comments on a regular day. There's always something to discuss, even if it's just exhuming a topic from 2 months ago and trying to breathe new life into it. It's not always easy or desirable to come talk about and defend our crappy baseball team, especially when the results often seemed predetermined.

So crack a fresh beer, Purple Row readers. You've earned it. I can't say any of us have deserved the season we've just watched, but kudos to all of us for sticking with the team and not making this the year where we throw in the towel and decide that we're not Rockies fans any more. You officially get to lord that over other fans who eventually trickle back when the ship rights... someday. You all deserve reserved tickets to the 2029 Colorado (NL) - Tokyo (AL) World Series because we've sat here and watched this whole year. You can stand in line to get in the gates and talk about ol' crazy Andrew who wrote the Rockpiles.

Yes, this season is nearly over, and mercifully so. I'm running out of cliches to fill space with, so I'll just cut it off here, and conclude with this: Thank you for sticking with us here at Purple Row.

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