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Colorado Rockies Game #162: Jeff Francis vs. Ian Kennedy

We've finally made it: Game #162, of the worst season in franchise history. There will be a lot to reflect on, some good though mostly bad, but we have a whole offseason for that. So I suggest those of you who don't get invested in the offseason make sure you enjoy this last game.

Harry How - Getty Images

Jeff Francis last faced the Diamondbacks on September 23rd, in an odd outing where he allowed two runs on just two hits and no walks, but also struck out none. September was not especially kind to Francis, who had one good start, one average start and then four more that ranged from bad to terribad. Francis will likely be one of our most significant offseason stories through the early part of the offseason, as we explore the possibility of re-signing him, whether as a starter or a piggybacker. Francis has demonstrated improved walk and strikeout numbers this season for the Rockies, but is even more hittable than normal, especially early in the game.

Much like Francis, Ian Kennedy is better at striking out and not walking opponents this season, but is having trouble containing the hits. Now, he's still much better at striking out opponents and suppressing hits (though Francis is better at avoiding the free pass), but the two also have had very similar Septembers, as Kennedy also has just one really good start in that time frame. Kennedy matched up against Francis in that September 23rd start at Coors Field and allowed four runs on six hits and two walks. He is coming off a poor start against the Cubs in which he walked six batters.