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Thursday Rockpile: Paying our respects to stuff that didn't survive Rockpocalypse of 2012

We honor all that will not remain with the Rockies in 2013, or might not remain with the Rockies, after the worst season in franchise history.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

Jeremy Guthrie's bike. Guthrie himself is rumored to have either passed away and entered into eternal torment, or is alive in Kansas City, which is about the same thing.

Dan O'Dowd and Bob Apodaca's job titles. O'Dowd may be the King Lear of 2012, he survived, but his blindness to his own hubris has manifest itself externally in a weird displacement within the organization where he'll eventually be led around the wilderness by his former jester in a mock reversal of his once proud state, which might make Apodaca that jester.

Jim Tracy? The cliffhanger left it unclear whether his wounds are zombie inflicted and therefore in need of a terminal solution, or just superficial scratches that can be patched for 2013. When it comes to zombies, I'm a shoot first and ask questions later sort of gal, so let's just take the cautious way out here.

Marco Scutaro. Scutaro, unlike Guthrie, has survived and taken up a leadership position within the ranks of our division overlords who have assumed control amidst the chaos and rubble. I, for one, welcome our Giant overlords.

Jonathan Sanchez. Nobody knows really where or when he passed, but it's for the best that he did.

Jamie Moyer. The elderly never make it for long in these apocalypse scenarios, it was pretty much inevitable that he'd be one of the first to go the moment he was cast.

Esmil Rogers. Despite Rogers' tragic end, heroically saving the rest of his Rockies teammates from the wreckage of a destroyed sinking battleship, his memory remains alive in the form of a pitcher on the Indians that was named after him. What's sort of odd is that the Indians pitcher isn't remotely like Rogers, being good at his job and everything.

Jason Giambi? Similar to Tracy, the season's end left us in some doubt as he was pulled down into a pit with a Balrog. It really didn't make much sense where the Balrog or pit came from, but then again, neither did Giambi taking up a roster spot this season.

And finally, the Rockies creation myths... particularly that part about how being an expansion team is as bad as it would ever get. There still remains some denouncement to take care of, but one thing we know for certain is that this ragtag group of survivors will never be the same again. Right? That's how it always works out in the movies, anyway...

Trevor Story was the #2 SAL prospect, according to Baseball America, no other Tourists were ranked, which is a bit of a surprise given Will Swanner's campaign in particular and that of the Asheville team in general. I would figure there would be more talent there than the managers and SAL evaluators that make these rankings give credit for.

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