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Jim Tracy remains Colorado Rockies' manager ... for now

Rockies manager Jim Tracy retained his job for at least another day, after Friday's meeting with Bill Geivett seemingly went nowhere. We'll see what happens this weekend, as the two continue to talk.

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Jim Tracy's future with Rockies remains in limbo after meeting provides no resolution - The Denver Post
In what shouldn't be surprising news, Jim Tracy has survived another day as Rockies manager following his meeting with de facto GM Bill Geivett on Friday. So, what does this mean?

Well, for starters, it seems like the GM and manager meeting with each other at season's end is pretty standard protocol. So, expecting a move to be made immediately following (or even during) such a meeting was probably a bit much. That said, Renck's piece indicates that the Rockies won't be waffling on this for much longer, as for better or worse, a decision could be made this weekend.

If Tracy stays, it is a decision the Rockies fans are going to have to live with. We've mentioned throughout the season that not even Sparky Anderson, Earl Weaver or John McGraw could have taken over this team and led them to a winning record, much less the postseason. But, Tracy is far from an ideal manager, and if the Rockies feel like they have a better solution in mind that would be willing to manage here, they should certainly go for it.

I'm much less interested in what Tracy's fate will be, and much more interested in who/what the organization has in store as far as a real team president is concerned. That, and what Dan O'Dowd's role, if any, will be going forward. Once we start hearing about those things, that's when the real fun will start. Until then? Keep Tracy or don't; it doesn't really matter at this point.


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Only one veteran Rockies minor leaguer has declared free agency, and that is Mike Ekstrom. The 29-year-old righty appeared in 15 games for the Rockies in 2012, posting a 6.32 ERA while striking out 5.2 batters per nine and walking 1.1. Ekstrom was very good with the Sky Sox, as he put up a 2.53 ERA in 57 innings. He struck out a batter per inning, and walked under three per nine.