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Friday Rockpile: Rockies Coaching Staff Finalized

The Rockies get the award for the most biggest coaching staff shake-up with the least bloodshed.

Andrew Fielding-US PRESSWIRE

The Rockies don't figure to make a drastic shake-up with their roster, but after the worst season in franchise history, there at least figured to be some changes with the coaching staff. After finalizing many of the roles yesterday, that new staff has started to take shape.

This might be the quietest coaching staff overall in league history. Tom Runnells and Jerry Weinstein will be the only members of the coaching staff at the end of 2012 to return to the staff in the same capacity.

2013 2012
Manager Walt Weiss Jim Tracy
Bench Coach Tom Runnells Tom Runnells
Hitting Coach Dante Bichette Carney Lansford
Pitching Coach Jim Wright Bo McLaughlin/Jim Wright
Third Base Coach Stu Cole Rich Dauer
First Base Coach Rene Lachemann Glenallen Hill
Catching Coach Jerry Weinstein Jerry Weinstein
Bullpen Coach Bo McLaughlin Jim Wright
Pitching Coordinator Mark Wiley (Position DNE)

Still, every member of this staff has been a part of the Rockies organization in the past, with only Weiss, Bichette and Wiley who weren't Rockies' employees in 2012.

The most important takeaway from yesterday's announcement is the dismissal of Glenallen Hill. When Rich Dauer and Carney Lansford were relieved of their duties, many wondered why Hill - who presided over baserunning and outfield positioning (both of which were very poor in 2012) - did not get a pink slip. It appears the Rockies were slow on the trigger, but their finger was still on it. Hill wasn't fired - oh no - he is likely to be reassigned within the organization.

Additionally, the pitching coach will be primarily Jim Wright. At the end of the season, Bo McLaughlin was the pitching coach for the rotation and Wright the "pitching coach" for the bullpen. Those roles seem to be reversed for 2013, with McLaughlin focusing on the bullpen and Wright being the overall pitching coach. Wright was the Rockies' pitching coach in 2002.

Additionally, Jerry Weinstein will be in charge of defensive positioning, though it is unclear who will instruct baserunning. The faces may not be drastically different, but hopefully the new voices in new areas will result in some sort of positive change.

Buster Posey, Legend

Troy Tulowitzki, Winner, seemed to be writing quite the legend in 2007. The young shortstop nearly won Rookie of the Year, won the Gold Glove with a phenomenal season in the field, and helped carry a perennial losing team to the World Series. That has not really worked out the five seasons since, 2009 excluded. Instead, Buster Posey has taken over that destiny.

Before the World Series, Anna McDonald drew comparisons between Posey and Willie Mays. The comparison of their early careers is...frightening. Seriously, read that piece. Posey's 2012 season is the analog to Mays' 1954 campaign, according to McDonald, and aside from the comparisons up to the pre-World Series post, Posey continued to follow Mays' path afterward.

In 1954, the Giants swept the World Series 4-0 over the Indians, Mays would go 4-for-14 with 3 RBIs and an .802 OPS. Mays would also be named season NL MVP.

In 2012, the Giants swept the World Series 4-0 over the Tigers. Posey would go 4-for-15 with 3 RBIs and a .779 OPS. Posey was named NL's season MVP yesterday.

Rockies Links

Rafters buoyed by Matthes' slam in finale | News Kent Matthes was a top ten prospect in the system according to Baseball America a year ago after an MVP season in Modesto, but he struggled to a .214/.273/.432 line in AA. Matthes' grand slam in the Rafters' final game earned him a tie for the AFL's home run title with five, but he still has not hit particularly well overall: .235/.330/.471. Note that the AFL is a very high offensive environment and tends to have much better hitters than pitchers. Scouting reports from the AFL have him punishing fastballs but still struggling with offspeed.....The Rafters will play the Peoria Javelinas for the AFL championship tomorrow at 1 PM at Scottsdale Stadium.

Baseball Prospectus | On the Beat: NL Shopping Lists - John Perrotto covers each team. While the Rockies are behind the paywall, he prescribes the acquisition of a steady 200+ IP starting pitcher who could pitch at Coors Field willingly. Good luck with that. He suggests trading Michael Cuddyer or Dexter Fowler to acquire such a pitcher via trade, or maybe even trading Tulo....

Tulo, CarGo unlikely to be on the move - Yardbarker - We didn't need Ken Rosenthal to confirm this, but in case you were worried (or high), Tulo and Cargo will stay in Colorado.

10th anniversary of a big Marlins-Rockies trade - Hardball Times - There are not many trades in Rockies history more important than this one. Yes, today is when the Mike Hampton era ended. Dan O'Dowd unloaded much of Hampton's contract by dealing Hampton with Juan Pierre, getting Vic Darensbourg, Pablo Ozuna and two relatively large contracts in Charles Johnson (2/$16m) and Preston Wilson (3/$28m).

Wilson had a 102 OPS+ over 2 1/2 seasons with Colorado, including making his lone All-Star appearance in 2003 in a season where he hit 36 home runs and drove in 141 runs Charles Johnson had a very acceptable 89 OPS+ in two years with Colorado and set a franchise record for consecutive games without an error.

Lastly, if you are upset about Miguel Cabrera winning over Mike Trout yesterday, Marc Normandin remindsthere have been FAR bigger travesties in an MVP vote.