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Friday Rockpile: Rockies Managerial Search Cut to Four

Given the lack of managing experience of the four candidates remaining, fans worry the next Rockies' manager will be a puppet for the front office. At least Matt Williams has extensive experience as a puppet (photo).

Christian Petersen

Ron Wotus. Dave Martinez. Sandy Alomar Jr. Tim Wallach. Manny Acta. All five are available for a managerial gig this offseason, and three of them were even linked to the Rockies. As far as we know, none were interviewed, but O'Dowd, Geivett and company are confident in their identification of their Final Four.

Of the four, only one - Tom Runnells - has managerial experience at any professional level. Walt Weiss is coaching high school baseball in the Denver area. Matt Williams is the third base coach for the Diamondbacks. And Jason Giambi - well, he's still a player. This collection of individuals has done little to silence the critics that the next manager of the Rockies will have less input into the field product than Ahmed the Terrorist.

Of the four, my preference is for Williams, the only candidate from outside the organization. Williams spoke with Patrick Saudners about the position:

"I look at Coors Field it as a unique opportunity, as something that should be an advantage. I think you have to be familiar with all of the intricate aspects of the ballpark. You have to use it to your advantage, not just on offense, but defensively as well."

He is saying the right words about the challenge of Coors Field, the very message the young players should have pounded into them. Williams is currently managing the Salt River Rafters, the Arizona Fall League team including Rockies prospects Corey Dickerson (All-Star), Coty Woods (All-Star), Kent Matthes, Cory Riordan, Isaiah Froneberger, Mike Marbry, Lars Davis, and Jose Gonzalez. The final game of the AFL is today, with the Rising Stars Game taking place tomorrow.

The position is likely to be filled within the next week.


Lefty Jorge De La Rosa exercises option to return to Rox in '13 | News De la Rosa's player option was a lock to be picked up in 2013 the moment he signed it, barring one or two Cy Young caliber seasons. With the Tommy John surgery, he's glad to cash in.

Chicago White Sox News: New GM trades Kenny Williams Jr. to Rockies - Chicago Tribune - This falls into the All-Stale-Nepotism Trade Hall of Fame. One week after Kenny Williams was replaced as the White Sox GM, new GM Rick Hahn dealt Williams' son for one of Jim Tracy's sons, one month after Tracy stepped down. The Tracy dealt was Mark, a 24yo 1B/DH drafted in the 22nd round in 2010 and has hit .244/.300/.393 who hasn't reached AA yet. Williams has hit .233 in five minor league seasons. In other words, if not for their fathers, not only would we not have heard of this trade, it probably never would have happened.