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This Week in GIFs

There is no more baseball, but there is still baseball GIFs. And other topical GIFs worth taking 45 seconds out of your schedule to watch.

Ian Walton

1) You Have to See it To Believe It

At the Giants' World Series celebration, Gangnam Style was performed by Giants announcers Jon Miller and Dave Flemming.


From @gidget

2) When the Tigers Realized They Might Lose


From @carmenkiew

3) How to Get on TV

Of course, there was big news that had nothing to do with baseball. It hurt most, but for some...



Chad Moriyama

4) Endangered Species Showdown

I'll just link this one. It was by a giddy Grant Brisbee, and it's rated T for teen. Source

5) The Best from SBNation

Be sure to check out today's best GIFs from around SBNation by Jon Bois. I've included the one currently in the lead.


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