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Rockies seem dead-set on getting huge return for Michael Cuddyer

The Rockies are holding out for a big return for Michael Cuddyer, an aging guy with no real defensive value who possesses a declining bat and a big contract. Maybe the Angels are interested.

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Rockies won't trade outfielder-first baseman Michael Cuddyer without big return | News
The Rockies do a lot of things that don't make a ton of sense to the outside world. Signing Michael Cuddyer to a three-year, $31.5 million contract prior to the 2012 season may or may not fall into that category, but demanding a big return in exchange for the veteran "outfielder"/"first baseman" probably does.

Many people are quick to defend the Rockies for keeping Cuddyer around, citing Todd Helton's injury risk and the team's lack of right-handed bats. However, as far as the Rockies' roster goes, it's hard to justify saying Cuddyer is anything but redundant. So, why not get what you can for him and get his contract off the books?

If Helton is unable to play up to standard, the Rockies have Tyler Colvin and Jordan Pacheco available to fill in at first base, and also have newly-acquired Ryan Wheeler, who could be a candidate to thrive with regular at-bats, waiting in the wings. Rather trade Colvin and/or Pacheco? Fine. But, there has been no indication that the Rockies are interested in dealing either of those guys, while Cuddyer and Dexter Fowler have been dangled throughout the offseason.

I have no problem with the Rockies reaching for the sky in any potential deal for Fowler, as I believe his presence makes the 2013 team better, on paper. However, holding out for a massive return for a guy like Cuddyer just seems, to put it nicely, odd. Especially when just about every other team in the league is in search of "high-groundball, low-walk guys," and most of those teams are probably willing to offer more to get them.


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