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Tuesday Rockpile: Rockies Need Road Weapons

Much has been made this offseason about the necessity of winning back the home field advantage at Coors Field, deservedly so. No successful Rockies team in the past crafted their success without dominance at 20th and Blake. Less has been made about a potentially bigger issue - performance on the road.

Where does he fit?
Where does he fit?

These issues are very difficult to separate for any team, but particularly for the Rockies. Colorado spends 3-12 games at the unique environment in LoDo, then play their game of inches in a completely different physical environment for an roughly equal amount of time. The rapid adjustment is something Colorado hitters have failed to conquer for decades, so it should not be surprising that most Rockies rank poorly in Bill Petti's batter volatility ratings from yesterday.

From day to day, Rockies hitters are very inconsistent. Carlos Gonzalez was roughly average, Jordan Pacheco was the 25th most consistent, and Tyler Colvin was the 11th least consistent. Only Gonzalez and Pacheco (among qualified hitters) came up on the positive side of the ledger. This partially captures the difficulty of going from Coors Field to the road, where Colorado was particularly bad on offense in 2012.

2012 Rockies on the road
Runs Average wRC+ HR K BB OBP BABIP
272 .241 64 66 667 191 .291 .292
t-Last 26th Last 28th 24th Last 28th 17th

The only area where Colorado was respectable was BABIP, which actually makes the rest of their offensive numbers look worse. And yes, the entire team had a worse on base percentage than BABIP. They had no punch, no made little contact and rarely took a free pass.

The whole "dominating at home and playing .500 on the road breeds a winner" canard still requires winning on the road half the time. While capturing magic at Coors Field would be a plus, there will still be 81 games on the road that Dante Bichette needs to prep his hitters for. Or maybe they should use players whose approach is clipped the least by the transition from Coors to the road. Jordan Pacheco comes to mind, but while Pacheco scored well in Petti's volatility rating, it wasn't due to consistency between home and road: Pacheco had a 125 home wRC+ and a 63 road wRC+.

I present the only hitter (other than Troy Tulowitzki) who was above league average for the Rockies on the road last season:

Home .323 .380 .465 119 .380 2 7 1
Road .307 .373 .427 109 .350 2 7 1

Now, if only the Rockies can figure out how to use him.



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