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'Purple Row roundtable' on the The Press Box with Kiz and Burns

Have a question for Dan O'Dowd and/or Dick Monfort? Don't miss your opportunity to ask them.

Doug Pensinger

Colorado Rockies GM Dan O'Dowd and owner Dick Monfort will be guests on the The Press Box with Peter Burns and Mark Kiszla on Wednesday morning at 8:15 a.m. on Mile High Sports Radio (93.7 FM) to talk Rockies baseball.

Burns was kind enough to invite Purple Row to join the conversation, seeking our staff and community's outside knowledge of the Rockies and baseball, in general. He will be taking three pre-selected callers based on who has the best questions to ask Colorado's front office duo.

One or more spots may or may not be reserved for members of the Purple Row staff, but if you'd like to participate, post your questions below. If the quality of your question can beat that of Fish, Aberle, Greg, myself or anyone else on the staff, you'll have a great chance be picked to join in lieu of one of us.

Obviously, you'll have to be available to call in at a specific time within the 8 a.m. MT hour, so make sure you're aware of that beforehand. Someone will contact you at some point this evening to let you know whether or not you've made the cut.

I hope this interests some of you, as it's a great opportunity to reach out to O'Dowd, who has been known to be candid in his approach to answering questions, and Monfort.

With that, fire away!