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Audio of Purple Row's interview with Dan O'Dowd and Dick Monfort

Members of the Purple Row community grilled Dan O'Dowd and Dick Monfort on a variety of issues this morning on The Press Box with Kiz and Burns on Mile High Sports Radio.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

Earlier this morning, RhodeIslandRoxFan, Traindogger and myself were given the opportunity to ask questions to Colorado Rockies owner Dick Monfort and general manager Dan O'Dowd on Mile High Sports Radio's The Press Box with Peter Burns and Mark Kiszla. Each of us presented tough questions to Colorado's front office duo, and each of those elicited interesting responses.

One highlight included O'Dowd saying that "the Purple Row people do a great job, but sometimes it's within a vacuum" in response to Traindogger's question regarding implementing things to improve the Rockies' home field advantage. Another included Monfort simply telling me "thanks" after asking why he is still the team's president, but also conceding that someone else will be replacing him in the near future.

But perhaps the show-stealer was RIRF laying out a scenario where the Rockies would use a six-man rotation, which each pitcher never facing the lineup a third time in any game, which O'Dowd said was "a brilliant suggestion." RIRF will posts some of his findings on this topic here very soon.

A special thanks to Peter Burns for giving us this opportunity, as well as to Dan O'Dowd and Dick Monfort, who deserve huge kudos for making the rounds and answering tough questions. This is a very big step in the right direction from a PR standpoint.

To listen to the three-part show in its entirety, click here.