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Tuesday Rockpile: Merry Christmas

No Rockies news broke over night, and you can be reasonably certain nothing critical will break today either, so have a merry Christmas and enjoy your family, wherever you are.

Tom Pennington

Rested Michael Cuddyer of the Rockies helps out near home for holidays | News Cuddyer signed with the Rockies last off-season ten days after his twin girls were born, which is probably why it seemed like he was a Rockie for two weeks before the deal was finalized. At any rate, Mr. Clubhouse is running a charity near his Virgina home.

A few quick links.

Stupid Photo Essay: Eric Young Jr. vs. Benihana | NotGraphs Baseball - EYJr crushes that Benihana.

Top 100 Indians: #73 Rafael Betancourt - Let's Go Tribe - Let's Go Tribe, the Indians version of Purple Row, is counting down the top 100 Indians of all time. The Rockies closer is #73, and this is a must read for any Rockies fan. It provides great perspective on what Betancourt overcame as a Red Sox minor leaguer to blossom out of nowhere with the Indians. A couple video interviews are included.

Daily Notes: How 2012′s Best Relievers Were Acquired | FanGraphs Baseball - Lest we forget, the Rockies got Betancourt for a low price of a mid-tier relief prospect who has yet to hit the majors. Carson Cistulli chronicles where the best relievers come from.

Baseball Prospectus | Overthinking It: Remembering Ryan Freel - Freel was rumored to be a Rockies' target so often it seems like he was once a Rockie. Freel also committed suicide on Saturday, leaving his wife and eight-year-old daughter. Here, Ben Lindbergh remembers him. There have been many stories since his death recalling Freel's troubles. So this Christmas, if you know someone troubled, reach out to them.

Merry Christmas everyone!