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Saturday Rockpile: Dale Murphy's Hall of Fame conundrum

Can we stop arguing about stats already? Jeez.

Scott Cunningham

One-time Colorado Rockies outfielder Dale Murphy is making his final appearance on the Hall of Fame ballot this year. In an effort to presumably sway voters into putting Murphy into the Hall, the longtime Atlanta Braves star's son wrote an open letter to the BBWAA to make a case for his dad's candidacy.

The one thing that will come from this probably won't be Murphy's induction into the Hall of Fame. He has been on 14 ballots, and has only received about 13 percent of votes, on average, during those years. But, what will happen is that traditionalists and SABR folks will continue to bitch and moan at each other about which stats matter and which ones don't. Murphy's son certainly didn't do the old school group any favors by taking a completely unnecessary pot shot at the SABR crowd:

Next, I really want to dive into his sabermetrics, starting with his JAWS, WAR, and WAR7, and then moving on to his JPOS, WPA, OPS, and -- last but certainly not least -- the all-important holy quadrinity of VORP, GORP, SCHLORP, and THUNDERCORK.

Oh wait, no I don't.

Stand down, statistics nerds.



Longtime Rockies minor league coach P.J. Carey has passed away, according to Tracy Ringolsby. Carey spent 13 years in the Rockies organization, and spent one year (1997) as an instructor at the major league level. May he rest in peace.

Finally, not really a link, but the exhibition game between the Rockies and Seattle Mariners on March 30 in Salt Lake City sold out in less than two days. That is very promising stuff in terms of the Rockies' efforts to expand their brand into one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country. I'll have more on that later, possibly in next Saturday's Rockpile.