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Purple Row Radio: Week of February 13th, 2012

Purple Row Radio
Purple Row Radio

Welcome to the first 2012 edition of Purple Row Radio! Be especially sure to welcome Paul Agnello, aka "Resolution", to the podcast as our official third co-host.

On this edition, Andrew, Paul and I discuss the following topics and more:
- Andrew has a lot to say about Juan Pierre.
- Catching up on the 2011/12 offseason.
- The Jeremy Guthrie trade.
- What is to come for pitchers like Esmil Rogers and Josh Roenicke, who are on the bubble, plus how the Rockies may try to stash rotations candidates in the bullpen instead of the minors.
- The recent accusations towards Jhoulys Chacin, and similar stories from the past.

You can subscribe to the podcast by going to this feed. Our iTunes feed appears to still be completely malfunctioning, and later on, we'll try to fix that up.

You can download the file directly from the link below. If you would like to listen in your browser, click onto the other end of the jump for an embedded player.

Purple Row Radio - February 13, 2012