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Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball

Pitchers and Catchers are reporting. The days are slowly getting longer. Baseball season is among us, and boy does it feel good. Before we know it, we're going to be happily watching Jamey Moyer fastballs get scattered around the outfield.

Yes, baseball season. The happiest time of year for the cultured sports fan. The smell of freshly mown grass reminds us of the checkered outfield and recently dragged infields.

It also turns our minds to fantasy baseball.

Yahoo Fantasy baseball is awesome.

Yahoo! Sports is the leading fantasy provider and home to the #1 Fantasy Baseball game available - all for free! Here are some of the features:

  • Free live scoring
  • Mock drafts
  • Mobile apps
  • Over 80 scoring categories
  • Live and offline draft apps
  • Tools to manage your keeper league
  • Top-notch information and resources
  • Expert advice throughout the season with bi-weekly video clips and weekly radio coverage on the Fantasy Freaks

Yahoo! Sports now offers the fantasy fanatic an even more competitive way to play – Pro Leagues are here! Join a Pro League for $20 or $100 and compete to win cash prizes.

Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball supports SBNation for its commitment to furthering America’s hardball obsession. As the #1 Fantasy Baseball game, players can count on Yahoo! to provide all the research, stats, live scoring, video highlights, and mobile apps to make this season the best yet. Game opens 2/9/12 – Sign up!