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Tuesday Rockpile: What Jim Tracy on an "Indefinite" Contract Truly Means

It took less than a day of Spring Training before the first big story set the Rockies faithful abuzz. After an offseason purge of half the roster due to "accountability," the manager who steered that sinking ship got an extension. Not just an extension, but a "handshake agreement" on an extension. And not just an extension, but an "indefinite" extension. It is all very confusing, led by those two words, indefinite and handshake, that almost never appear in contract announcements. Let us sort this out.

After a horribly disappointing 73-89 finish, Jim Tracy was on the final year of the three-year deal he was given after earning the 2009 Manager of the Year Award. We know Dan O'Dowd did not want Jim Tracy's hot seat to be a hot button issue and distraction during Spring Training. He said as much. The only true way to squash those questions is to offer a contract extension, so O'Dowd did just that, but not really. Kind of.

First, look at the "indefinite" term.
Indefinite: "not clearly defined or determined; not precise or exact"
That does not mean forever or infinite. It does not mean anything really.

Then the handshake. In announcing a handshake deal, very little has truly changed. Dan O'Dowd has squashed potential distractions of Tracy contractual talk this spring without even offering an official extension. The only thing we really learn from this is just how much the Rockies want Jim Tracy to be the right guy and how much Jim Tracy wants to be the Rockies guy. From Troy Renck's article:
"Basically what I am saying is that I should never have this conversation with you again. To say it extends just beyond 2013 would not do justice to Jim. It could be until he's using a cane and having trouble getting onto the field. Quite honestly, it can be for whatever number of years Jim wants it to be for." - Dan O'Dowd

"It's very, very flattering given the love affair I have built with this organization...This is where I would like my career to end, in this place." - Jim Tracy
These are the quotes that scare many Rockies fans today, but despite their strength, they signify desire more than guarantees. Minds can be changed. The question is where that line is. For some perspective, Jim Tracy is 230-210 as Rockies manager. He has finished with a winning record in 6 of his 10 career seasons. He has the best record of any Rockies manager ever, by far.

After over a decade of time with the Rockies and a National League pennant, Clint Hurdle was fired. The line can be reached. His line was a 92-116 record (.442 WP%) after that World Series appearance. After winning the Wild Card in 2009, Jim Tracy's Rockies are 156-168 (.481 WP%) from 2010-2011. To reach Hurdle's post-World Series level, the 2012 Rockies would have to open the season 0-30. Or finish 58-104.

Surely if it gets to that point, Dan O'Dowd will tear up that handshake agreement and look elsewhere. Surely if the Rockies win their first ever division title in 2012, fans will care less who is managing the team. What remains to be seen is how this plays out under more likely circumstances, that the team is mediocre again. If that happens, then worry.

It all boils down to this. Yesterday morning, Jim Tracy was the Rockies' manager until October 2012, at which point the Rockies could decide to move on or offer a new contract. He could be fired at any time.

This morning, Jim Tracy is the Rockies manager until the Rockies decide otherwise or he retires. He can be fired at any time. In both cases, he can be fired. In both cases, he is the Rockies manager until the Rockies decide he should not be. All that changed is a publicized desire, one which has no guarantees of staying power. This isn't a marriage so much as a promise ring.

Still confused? I don't blame you. For more reading:

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Yesterday was the first day of Spring Training workouts for most clubs. After the typical offseason dry spell, reporters churned out stories by the minute from the desert. Take the jump for over a dozen links. You must read all of them.


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He was scheduled to pitch two innings, but because they were easy and he hadn't worked from a stretch, Nicasio pitched a third inning.

He is reaching 97mph. His control might not be fully back, and he still needs to develop a plus offspeed pitch to be a top of rotation pitcher, but I don't think anyone will complain with what he will produce in 2012.


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Shown here, the Rockies get the largest benefit in the division. This is largely due to their relative poor finish in 2011, resulting in a much higher draft slot. The Dodgers also will have more allowable spending money, though their figure is skewed due to ownership issues forcing them to spend the minimum in 2011. The Diamondbacks, despite being a small market team, are hurt significantly from last year's draft. Granted, two top seven picks pushed their spending skyward, but essentially here, a small market team is directly penalized for making a playoff run. The Yankees get to spend more than Arizona. That makes a ton of sense.


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