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Purple Row Arrives On SB Nation's YouTube Channel

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Today, the sports world has changed. That's right, the SB Nation YouTube channel has officially launched. Catch everything from Full Nelson with Amy K. Nelson to Shutdown Fullback featuring the comedic stylings of Spencer Hall and Jason Kirk all in one great spot.

Or take in The Petey & LoMo Show while they try to enjoy Miami Marlins Spring Training with extra-curricular activities. And if you haven't read or seen anything from Bomani Jones, check out Episode 1 of Bomani & Jones -- it's about Ryan Braun!

Even better, the SB Nation YouTube channel will have frequent contributions from its own team bloggers. And, yes, that means Purple Row is among the initial launch of contributors to this great undertaking. Join us after the jump to see who from Purple Row made the original entry (Hint: it's not me, and you won't ever see the test video I did for this stuff back in December):

Yep, that's our fearless leader, Andrew Martin, filming his thoughts on 96-year-old, excuse me, 49-year-old pitcher Jamie Moyer at night in Denver. Totally not suspicious.

What can you expect from these multiple updates per week when Andrew or possibly other members of the Purple Row staff wear the camera rig to talk Rockies baseball? Watch them take to the streets of Denver, and who knows, maybe you'll just happen to walk by Andrew one day while he's filming. You, too, can become a YouTube star (but not like Rebecca Black).

If you haven't already subscribed to the SB Nation YouTube channel, make sure you do it by clicking below:

Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube