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Rockies 3B In Question, Should 2B Be Also?


After the departure of Ian Stewart from the Colorado Rockies, the Rockies have been wondering who's supposed to be playing 3B for them. We've talked about it ad nauseum around these parts, given that there's a lot to discuss: Is Casey Blake going to be healthy? Has Brandon Wood finally found "it"? Is Nolan Arenado READY?

So this turns my attention to the 2B position. It's kind of gone without saying as to why Marco Scutaro is slated as the Opening Day starter, but is that in stone? Scutaro is 36, and while Josh Rutledge might be even more raw than Nolan Arenado, there are still several guys who could be competing for the opening day 2B job, and Scoots is having a lousy Spring.

What do you think, is the job Scutaro's, no questions asked?

Video/poll past the jump.