Purple Row Season Prediction Competition

So, with a little over a week before the baseball season officially kicks off (In Japan, a week before anyone else plays, for some stupid reason), I think it's about time we do something like this. The game is pretty easy. There are a number of categories to choose from, such as world series winner and MVP, with different point values. Fill in the blanks below by Tuesday, March 27th, 10PM and submit it as a reply to this fanpost. I'll save your submission on my computer and I'll add the points up at the end of the season. No prizes, other than the satisfaction of being the winner.

Point values are in ( ). Last names should be fine in most cases. There are 131 possible points. I'll clarify any categories if needed. And sorry about the formatting, this site can be a bit ridiculous when it comes to allowing blank spaces. Anyway, good luck.

World Series (5)

East AL NL (3)

Central AL NL (3)

West AL NL (3)

Wild Card winners (pick 4) (2 each)


CY Young AL NL (4)


Win leader pitching AL NL (4)

K leader pitching AL NL (4)

ERA leader pitching AL NL (4)

HR leader hitting AL NL (4)

BA leader hitting AL NL (4)

RBI leader hitting AL NL (4)

SB leader AL NL (4)

All Star game winner (1)

All Star game MVP (4)

World Series MVP (5)

Highest combined score in a game (2)

Longest winning streak by a team (2)

Longest losing streak by a team (2)

Most improved team (win %) (2)

Biggest drop in win % team (2)

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