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Saturday Rockpile: The Tulo vs. Ubaldo Battle Rages On

Kiszla: Ubaldo Jimenez seethed over Tulowitzki, CarGo contracts before trade - The Denver Post
So, this is still going on, huh? On one hand, it's pretty obvious that Mark Kiszla is piggy-backing a story that Tracy Ringolsby did a couple of weeks ago. However, on the other hand, can you blame him if guys keep issuing quotes (especially ones with more intensity, such as these) about the situation?

A couple of weeks ago, when Ringolsby's version of the story first saw the light of day, all of us Rockies fans came to the general consensus that both sides were at fault, and that we'd never REALLY know what happened between Jimenez, his teammates, and the Rockies' front office. It was sort of left at that. Now, it seems as if there is a resounding angst to get the real story, as it will just not die. In Kiszla's version of the story, the quotes are a little bit more telling - maybe it's just because guys are getting tired of being asked about it, or maybe it's because each side has seen the things the other side has said and both parties are refusing to take it lightly. Who knows. One thing is for certain, though - you don't see this type of stuff in baseball too often, so it's a little bit of a shock to those outside the situation.

Troy Tulowitzki, at the end of the piece, offers perhaps the most glancing blow to date, saying that Jimenez's "new team is questioning him." Tulo's seeming intent was to put this situation to bed, but my guess is that a quote like that isn't going to do it. Jimenez will see it, probably talk some more, and the verbal sparring will continue. Perhaps Tulo should have kept quiet and, in the process, contributed to putting 2011 completely behind himself and his ballclub. Instead, it appears we're going to keep reading about this until someone finally decides to take the high road.

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Rockies third base prospect Nolan Arenado sent down to minors | On the Rox — Colorado Rockies news — Denver Post
As was pretty much expected, Nolan Arenado was sent down to the minors yesterday, putting an end to any sort of question as to whether or not he would be the Rockies' opening day third baseman. Although Arenado's numbers didn't show it, he seemed to have made a very positive impression on scouts and other baseball-savvy folks who saw him this spring. All indications point to Arenado being in Denver at some point this year, and he'll likely be an impact player immediately upon arrival.

The fate of the Colorado Rockies in 2012 lies in the quality of its pitching | News's Mike Bauman tells us what we already know - that the Rockies' offense appears to be there, but the rotation is questionable at best at this point.