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What Happens if Dexter Fowler Starts in AAA?

Yeah.... Good luck... Boy this is awkward.
Yeah.... Good luck... Boy this is awkward.

Dexter Fowler is scaring a lot of Rockies' fans right now with a questionable Spring Training. His defense is obviously sound, but if his bat isn't up to speed, I have to wonder if Jim Tracy's patience is going to be enough for Fowler to work out his swing in the majors. Maybe they'll just start him in AAA if he isn't looking like they want him to.

It's not just the ST stats that have me concerned. Fowler started in the 8 hole in yesterday's game. Normally, it's just one game, no big deal, but this close to Opening Day? I'm concerned.

One quick note about the video: I do mention Eric Young Jr. as an option for a bench/PR role, but not as the CF. He's not having a bad Spring Training at all. So apologies for EYJ for forgetting to mention him - MY BAD BRO.

Video and poll past the jump.