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The Case for Eric Young Jr.

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For a guy who seems to have no business on a Major League roster, Eric Young Jr. seems to stir up a lot of ruckus whenever he plays. Not just on the internet, either, as he seems to be the only true speedburner on the Rockies 40-man roster. Sure, Dexter Fowler has wheels as well, but he's the guy who flies once he's up to speed. EYJ's speed is more the "super fast burst" speed needed to be a real basestealer - something Dexter Fowler really isn't.

Mind you, this isn't a cry for EYJ to be the Opening Day Starter in any outfield slot. I may have mentioned him in the last video post, but it was for the sake of completeness. No, EYJ is likely no more than a bench player, but honestly, the dude has just gotten better and better every single year of his short career. Not like Jose Bautista or Nelson Cruz better, but he's definitely proved a lot of scouts wrong.

Video and Poll post-jump.