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Moyer to Make Rotation, Pomeranz to Wait

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The Colorado Rockies announced moments ago that 49-year old starting pitcher Jamie Moyer will be starting the season in the Rockies' rotation. Currently the oldest player in professional baseball, Moyer was considered a longshot going into Spring Training, but a series of strong starts catapulted Moyer ahead of competitors including young right handed pitcher Tyler Chatwood, who was considered Moyer's biggest threat through the later period of the Spring. Moyer is expected to pitch the second game of the season against the Houston Astros, behind opening day starter Jeremy Guthrie. The last big challenge for Moyer was to see how he would react physically to a 90 pitch outing. Though Wednesday's start was not kind to Moyer in the box score, he remains healthy afterward, easing the teams fears that he could be unable to pitch every fifth day.

The team also confirmed that left-handed prospect Drew Pomeranz will not be beginning the season in the rotation. Opting to go with an eight man bullpen for the first ten days of the season, Pomeranz is scheduled to start on April 15th. In the meantime, the team has optioned him to the Sky Sox, along with Guillermo Moscoso, taking the latter out of the running for a bullpen spot.

The team also reassigned non-roster invitees Wilkin Castillo and Andrew Brown to minor league camp. The four demotions leaves 34 players in MLB camp: 30 players on the 40 Man Roster and four non-roster invitees.