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Ringolsby: "[Ubaldo Jimenez ] Went To Spring Training a Year Ago Looking to Be Traded"

Tracy Ringolsby reported today that Ubaldo Jimenez wanted the Rockies to trade him from the onset of 2011 Spring Training. We heard reports that Ubaldo Jimenez was sore that Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki got their massive extensions and he did not. We eschewed it, given the organizational reports that they were just waiting 1 more year to see what happened. A lot of Denver sports writers are going to have to handle that "I told you so" now.

Personally, this shakes my opinion of Jimenez as a person. Maybe it's just immaturity, and he's going to grow out of it. I'm totally willing to accept it. I just know that for me, personally, I kind of looked up to Ubaldo: Hall of Fame talent, and the humility of a saint.

The real confusion kind of comes in who to fault. The way the Rockies handled Ubaldo's trade was poor, to say the absolute least. Throwing him out there like they did against San Diego, while intended to turn the screws on Cleveland, was just a disrespectful way to part with the best pitcher in franchise history. Then again, telling the organization that unless he gets a gigantic extension that he wants a trade is a pretty poor way to deal with an organization as well.

Either way, what's done is done. Regardless of the indiscretions of Drew Pomeranz and Alex White (and I use indiscretions loosely, you might feel stronger, and that's fine), Ubaldo Jimenez plays for the Cleveland Indians, and White and Pomeranz play for the Colorado Rockies.

It's just a little disillusioning.