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Purple Row Radio - March 9th, 2012

Purple Row Radio
Purple Row Radio

This year, Purple Row Radio will be going up on Friday mornings. We're unsure if we'll be doing a show this next week (it will depend on whether or not there is enough material worth discussing; Spring Training podcasts can be rather dull), but there should definitely be one up March 23rd at the latest.

On this edition, Andrew, Paul and I discuss the following topics and more:
- Our favorite "premature Spring Training conclusions" based off the first few games of the season.
- More seriously, what are our impressions of certain things the team is banking on to succeed this season?
- Alex White's DUI troubles; how will they and should they contribute to his role with the team this year?
- Ubaldo Jimenez' recent interview that he was looking to be traded a year ago at Spring Training.
- A whole lot of other nonsense.

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You can download the file directly from the link below. If you would like to listen in your browser, click onto the other end of the jump for an embedded player.

Purple Row Radio - March 9th, 2012