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Tulo vs Ubaldo: Round 2, FIGHT

OK, here's the situation as I see it.

1 year ago +3 months: Troy Tulowitzki gets a massive extension. Jorge De La Rosa gets a decent contract. Carlos Gonzalez gets a big extension.

1 year ago: Ubaldo Jimenez has some trouble in Spring Training, finger injuries, etc.

1 year ago minus a week: Ubaldo Jimenez stinks up Opening Day.

8 months ago: Ubaldo Jimenez is sent out to pitch against the San Diego Padres, gets pulled and traded after an inning of awful, distracted work. Joel Sherman of the NY Post suggests that Ubaldo was miffed over not getting a big contract as well. Joel Sherman clearly DOESN'T KNOW UBALDO HE WOULD NEVER BE LIKE THAT.

1 month ago: News comes out that Ubaldo WAS in fact miffed that he didn't get a contract extension. Not for the sake of the money, but more that he was one of 3 team centerpieces and he wasn't treated as one.

3 weeks or so ago: Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez chime back, saying that it's business and it's just how it is now, let's get back to baseball.

2 weeks or so ago: Tulo keeps getting bugged about the issue, basically says that Ubaldo needs to stop whining about not getting a big contract and get back to playing baseball.

1 week ago: Ubaldo tells Latin media that he WASN'T mad over contract stuff, despite telling Tracy Ringolsby, among others, that he was. Stories not straight.

4 hours ago: Ubaldo throws at Tulo, hits him in the elbow, approaches the plate. Umpire separates the two. Tulo yelling at Ubaldo, Ubaldo yelling at Tulo. Benches clear. COME AT ME BRO

2 hours ago: Ubaldo claims he wasn't throwing at Tulo, said he didn't have fastball control.

About 30 minutes or so ago: Jim Tracy calls Ubaldo's plunking of gutless.

This clearly isn't over.

I'll have more in terms of reaction and/or "analysis" in tomorrow's Rockpile.