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Ubaldo and The Rockies Must Stop The Insanity

Whenever I thought of a game in which the Colorado Rockies were going to face their former ace, Ubaldo Jimenez, I thought of a game with enough drama and back stories to make it worth your time to watch.

What I never thought I'd see is Jimenez hitting shortstop Troy Tulowitzki with a pitch, and then a disaster of proportions yet to be seen unfolding.

The Cleveland Indians tried to protect their new acquisition at first by not letting him speak with the media, but then, after journalists such as The Denver Post's Patrick Saunders expressed their disbelief, they decided to let Jimenez speak.

His statements are widely known. He expressed he didn't want to hit his former teammate. Certainly, it was hard to believe after all the things that happened before and during the incident.

This is the result of a long-running, never-ending feud between Jimenez, who is still, statistically speaking, the best pitcher ever to wear a Rockies uniform, and Tulowitzki, who has taken spokesmanship duties on this fiasco.

We cannot condone what Jimenez did on the mound, an opinion which stands because hitting a player, as old as it is as a part of baseball, is not really our favorite way of settling issues.

But this all could have been avoided.

Never, during all the weeks this issue has been a part of our steady Spring Training Diet, anyone involved in it had decided to take the high road. Only Rockies manager Jim Tracy told reporters 24 hours ago, that he wanted to put the issue behind him.

"Go back to 2007, go back to 2009 and go back to the first half of 2010, there were some special days out there on the field with him on the mound," Tracy said to's Thomas Harding. "I just really wish that all the other stuff... Let's get that put to bed, because it's not doing anybody any good. It was over and done with at the end of July last year. Everybody needs to move on."

It is true that everybody needed to move on. Move on from the fact many were baffled after Jimenez was traded, especially after everybody at 2001 Blake were singing the praises of his work ethic. Remember, he was one of the faces of the Young and Energetic O's crew. You remember headlines such as "No Sane Reason To Trade Ubaldo".

Then again, it was wrong to plunk any player. There's no sane reason to do that either. But what is really baffling is there's no will to cool things off and stop fueling the controversy, especially when Tulowitzki said "I live by what I said after what he said about the organization."

Yes, it was wrong Jimenez said those things. It was even more wrong to keep on adding to the feud. Bobby Valentine has done nothing but taking shots at his former employers ever since he was hired as Red Sox manager. All of them have taken the high road. They laugh at it, no big deal.

And this is what should have happened. There is no intention by anyone in this ordeal to move on, which makes it even sadder to watch.

Jimenez did the wrong thing Sunday. And so did the Rockies.

Someone, anyone must put an end to this. Be Tracy, Tulowitzki, or even Bud Selig if necessary.

There's no need to keep on beating on this overplayed and embarrassing issue.