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View From Their Seats

So this could be kind of fun I'm thinking. Enough of our users here on Purple Row regularly attend based ball matches at the Coors Grounds, and we all like to brag about our seats. You know, that one time you scored the seats right behind the plate? Or the time you were sitting practically on top of the dugout and Chris Nelson rolled a ball back to your kid and then signed it after the game? How about that one day you sat in the RF pavilion and caught a Cargo homer?

Every time you go to the park and sit in new seats, it's pretty baller. Or maybe you just love the sunset from your season seats.

Wanna share them with the Purple Row community? Tweet your seats to @PurpleRow, and a couple of times a week, we'll put a couple of them on the front page, just so your exclusive bragging rights can be made pubic to the world.

Today's attendee is @OneDemInDougCo, and he provided us a nice shot from the LF line of the infield:

So keep tweeting pics to @PurpleRow, and who knows? Maybe you'll end up on the Purple Row front page!