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Friday Rockpile: Campos Released, Moyer Still Old, Nelson Learning

Photo courtesy of our own Andrew T Fisher.
Photo courtesy of our own Andrew T Fisher.

Baseball America | Blog | Baseball America Prospects Blog | Rockies Release Albert Campos In Surprising Move

We saw that Albert Campos was released by the Rockies on Wednesday with not a lot of talk as to why. Yesterday, Ben Badler of Baseball Prospectus reported that Campos had never actually reported to Spring Training, and at the time of his release, was still in Venezuela. Campos had also been involved in an off-field incident - some sort of physical altercation.

For a team as heavily invested in the Venezuelan baseball market as well as their own farm system, we know that the Rockies don't just release guys for no reason. This wasn't just some little thing. For awhile there, we thought that Campos could be the next latin stud pitcher coming through the Rockies system in the vein of Ubaldo Jimenez, Franklin Morales, or Jhoulys Chacin.

The Rockies have been pretty tight-lipped about Campos' release, which of course only piques curiosity that much more. For the sake of us curious, I hope something comes out sooner than later, but for now, we'll just have to assume that the Rockies tossed the bad apple before it ruins the bunch.

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Off Topic

National Baseball Hall of Fame offers Moyer internship | On the Rox — Colorado Rockies news — Denver Post
We laugh at Jamie Moyer's age, and we laugh at the fact that everyone has written a million articles about how old Moyer is. Moyer's career is older than Drew Pomeranz! Moyer tutored under Abner Doubleday! Moyer bought a Model T with his first signing bonus! Guys, Jamie Moyer is old!

That all is good and fine, and the fact that Moyer's just old as dirt is still that neverending novelty. But what does fascinate me about Moyer is the fact that he's survived 25 years of pitching in so many different environments during a lot of changes in baseball. While he's never been phenomenal in any year he's pitched, he's always been distinctly decent, almost consistently distinctly decent, and he pitched in the 80s, during the Steroid Era, and his "prime" arguably came with the Seattle Mariners from 1997 to 2005. His average season during that span was 32 starts, 207IP, 3.96 ERA, 113 ERA+.

To see his style of play continue to survive from season to season just really speaks to the concept of a Pitcher vs a Hurler. When Moyer is retired, I doubt he'll get many serious Hall of Fame looks, except maybe as the historian that Renck discusses in his article. You look back at guys like Randy Johnson or Greg Maddux and you think "Wow, those guys were just untouchable - amazing" and you remember that one game where they totally owned your team but that's OK because it was just such a spectacle to watch them pitch. I don't think I'll ever look back at Moyer in that fashion - I mean, yeah, he's had his games - but he will be that guy you remember and say "heh, Jamie Moyer. That guy."

I love that I'm writing about him as if he's already retired.

Also, my scorecard from Moyer's record-breaking win is for sale. Bidding starts at $500.

Quick-starting Nelson learning on the fly | News
This piece from Thomas Harding is incredibly encouraging given the Rockies' current 3B, Chris Nelson. The big theme of the offseason (and I can't believe I'm typing this sentence again) was to assemble a team of hard working players who WANTED to be there, who wanted to get better, and were willing to rise to the challenge. Nelson thus far has done all of those things and is rewarding the Rockies with passable 3B defense and a .306/.375/.389 (96 wRC+) line for their faith and patience. #FreeChrisNelson indeed.

Chatwood sent down to get work as starter | News
I still don't understand why the season didn't open with Chatwood in the AAA rotation and Escalona in the pen. I'm willing to admit that I might have missed something, but this move just made perfect sense. I get that a lot of these guys are going to have to convert to the bullpen at some point (or be traded), but Chatwood? Glad that didn't last long.

Rockies OF Michael Cuddyer feeling right at home at plate even as he adjusts to a new place - The Washington Post

As if Michael Cuddyer wasn't likable enough yet, check this line:

He even carefully writes his name on autographs so kids can decipher the signature down the road.

The guy couldn't possibly do more to endear himself to me. When he climbed the wall to try and get the solo shot Rafael Betancourt allowed in Tuesday's win, I was just flabbergasted. Who's the last Rockies RF you saw try to climb the wall for a no-doubter?

2 injured in stabbing near Rockies game |
Totally not a fun thing to mention, but this happened on 20th and Market at 930PM on Wednesday. Guys, be really careful out there.