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Saturday Rockpile: A Warning Against Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson has not hit well in grey.
Chris Nelson has not hit well in grey.

Nolan Arenado will be the Rockies' third baseman at some time in 2012. In the meantime, we have Chris Nelson. Two weeks ago, that was terrifying, as Nelson looked lost in every way in the season's opening series. Now it is palatable to the point of intriguing. See, Chris Nelson had hits in seven of the Rockies' last nine games coming into Friday night, and he only started in eight of them.

The storyline is familiar. You may have noticed Nelson would provide some excitement for a week or so last season, only to promptly disappear for a week or so. What you might not have noticed was the setting of these streaks.

Last night, Chris Nelson went hitless in four plate appearances, reaching base on an intentional walk. That leaves him 0-for-10 on the road after a fantastic series at Coors Field. Yeah, yeah, small sample size.

Home 33 29 3 0 0 4 5 .379 .455 .483 .937 145
Away 11 10 0 0 0 1 4 .000 .091 .000 .091 -100

Given what he has accomplished so far in his short MLB career though, it is extremely predictable.

Home 161 151 10 0 3 8 23 .305 .338 .430 .768 97
Away 99 93 4 1 1 5 24 .183 .232 .280 .512 29

Even with the humidor, Coors is a unique park which some players can take advantage of more than others. The reverse Coors Field effect is very real and haunts some hitters more than others. Huge home/road splits tend to get smaller as young Rockies gain experience through the transitions, but Chris Nelson's career in Colorado likely near its end, whether he performs well or not.

The next time you feel compelled to venerate Nelson's abscondance from perpetual disappointment, look at the calendar. Odds are good the Rockies are near the end of a homestand.

There is good news this Saturday though.

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More links after the jump. Gameday | Gameday - Drew Pomeranz gets his mulligan after a poor 2012 debut. He faces an emergency starter in Marco Estrada. Should Colorado win, it would clinch three consecutive series wins after losing their first two of the year.

Esmil Rogers fitting in nicely as a reliever for the Rockies - The Denver Post Most times, former top prospects don't magically figure it out in their final chance (optionless season) with their organization. They end up getting traded to Boston for cash instead. Rogers has been a pleasant surprise thus far. He has always had the stuff, but he hadn't consistently controlled it pitch-to-pitch and game-to-game before.

Hernandez unhappy player in game of "tag, you're out" - The Denver Post Ramon was safe both times. I swear it.

Aged, But Still Going

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