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2012 Rockies Game #14: Drew Pomeranz vs. Marco Estrada

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Drew Pomeranz gets his second start of the season after looking somewhat unready in the first go-round against Arizona at Coors Field. The difference in circumstances between this start and the last ought to help, however, as his seasonal debut jitters should have subsided, and he gets to pitch on the road against a team that's full of relatively free swingers yet lacks the patience that the Diamondbacks can show. Over the last two weeks, the Brewers are tied for the league lead in strikeouts, but are only tied for 11th in walks.

Meanwhile, on the offensive side of things, the Rockies have the third fewest strikeouts in that two week span but are tied for sixth in the league in walks, as the contact oriented direction the team took over the winter seems to be paying some dividends without sacrificing too much on the free pass front. Marco Estrada, who was a collegiate teammate of Troy Tulowitzki at Long Beach State, will be making his first start of the season for the Brewers tonight, but he was solid for Milwaukee when put in a starting role in 2011.



  1. M. Scutaro 2b
  2. D. Fowler cf
  3. C. Gonzalez lf
  4. T. Tulowitzki ss
  5. T. Helton 1b
  6. M. Cuddyer rf
  7. W. Rosario c
  8. C. Nelson 3b
  9. D. Pomeranz p


  1. R. Weeks 2b
  2. C. Gomez cf
  3. R. Braun lf
  4. A. Ramirez 3b
  5. C. Hart rf
  6. A. Gonzalez ss
  7. M. Gamel 1b
  8. J. Lucroy c
  9. M. Estrada p