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Brewers tap Rockies for six pack in 7th inning, even series


The first time through the Brewers lineup, Drew Pomeranz was perfect, striking out five and inducing four pop flies to breeze through Milwaukee's lineup for three innings. Though the box score doesn't show it, the veneer started peeling in the fourth, as back to back line-outs by Rickie Weeks and Carlos Gomez started showing the Brewers were zeroing in a bit on Pomeranz's pitches before a sixth K (of Ryan Braun,) ended the inning. In the fifth, those little hints that the second time through the line-up might be a bit more bumpy than the first became more than hints as Pomeranz lost both command and control, giving up two doubles, two walks and throwing a wild pitch. He barely escaped the inning when a deep drive by Gomez to center field stayed in the park.

In this context, Jim Tracy decided to pull Pomeranz before a decent start turned ugly. Not that it mattered from a game standpoint, Esmil Rogers and Edgmer Escalona continued right along that degenerating path that Pomeranz left them and the Rockies ended up thoroughly thrashed, 9-4. From a season's stanpoint? Will the confidence of the perfect start and the knowledge of not being the responsible party for this rout help Pomeranz the next time out? Will pitching Rogers two innings (well, at least attempting to) and resting Matt Belisle or another decent arm so they're still effective later in the season pay off? I can't really say, obviously, but I can say that I don't fault Tracy for making the pitching decisions he did tonight.

Just to wrap up this stinker, there are still defensive issues for the Rockies as a team to work out, from poor communication in the outfield leading to triples that shouldn't happen to Wilin Rosario's continuing education in pitch blocking. The offense could have come through a bit more tonight too, particularly against Brewers starter Marco Estrada, who racked up nine strikeouts in five innings against the Rox, but this loss falls mostly on the shoulders of Rogers and Escalona.

Troy Tulowitzki and Todd Helton had solid offensive nights, each homering and each being the only Rockies to get on base twice.

7 - 7


Lost 1


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