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Sunday Rockpile: Tracy explains why today's line-up may include mystery meat

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Apr 21, 2012; Milwaukee, WI, USA;  Colorado Rockies manager Jim Tracy during the game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park.  Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-US PRESSWIRE
Apr 21, 2012; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Colorado Rockies manager Jim Tracy during the game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-US PRESSWIRE

To me, the complaint by fans of the Rockies Sunday lineups has become shrill, even if it remains valid as Jim Tracy trots out the JV week after week. It's a squeaky wheel that certainly needs oil, but that squeakiness has become tedious. At least the question has been brought up to Tracy, by Troy Renck, and Tracy's response was that with aged and infirm nature of the Rockies squad of geezers, regular days of rest are needed to keep the seniors on the team mentally sharp, and it happens that Sunday day games tend to fit the criteria for mandatory rest for those elders.

The next question then, the one that apparently wasn't asked or answered, is that if Saturday night games create all these auto-triggers for resting the Rockies' older regulars, why not hold one or two out for the Saturday game instead if that meant the team would then have a better chance to win on Sunday? Yesterday might not be a good example as Marco Estrada vs. Drew Pomeranz was more or less a push, but what if the Rockies had been playing the Dodgers with Clayton Kershaw pitching?

The bigger issue, beyond not putting on their Sunday best, is that the Rockies regularly lose weekend three game series because of it. I think most Rockies fans would be fine with the regular L on Sunday if both Friday and Saturday games were regular W's, but that hasn't been the case so far. After last night's loss, the Rockies are 1-2 on Saturdays in 2011. This year the team is undefeated in three Friday games, but they closed 2011 with a 1-7 spiral under the Friday night lights. If the first two games of a series are going to be more or less even, giving the opponent the handicap for Sunday hands them the series most of the time. Is Tracy calculating losing most weekend series in his season long outlook, and is he planning on pushing those Sunday resting regulars hard to win more than the regular contender's share of midweek series to make up for it?

Speaking of handicaps for the team right now, Patrick Saunders reports that Jeremy Guthrie looks to pitch better and be more than just an innings eater in today's start against the Brewers. Guthrie's former team is currently leading the AL East without him, thanks at least in part to the great job that Jason Hammel's done with the Orioles. Of the trades that Dan O'Dowd made over the winter, this one will have the quickest turnaround as to whether we can say whether it was a winner or loser for the Rockies, as all the others involved players that should be in the organization for multiple seasons. Guthrie only has 2012 to prove he was worth the price paid, and so far the answer's clearly negative.

Renck also goes in depth with Troy Tulowitzki about the shortstop's fielding troubles, and takes a closer look at Matt Kemp's start.

Jamie Moyer's a walking, pitching, baseball monument that the sports' reporters are seemingly drawn to like a baseball field in a corn patch or something, as even when he's not pitching against a Rockies opponent in a series, he gets featured write-ups.

Or, he gets them when he hasn't pitch for a team in decades. You'd think with the Orioles good start, Baltimore writers would be able to find interesting stuff on the current team to write about.

Don't be surprised if Moyer's next start in tomorrow night's game against the Pirates gets postponed, as a cold snap has snow and wintry cold in the forecast for Pittsburgh.

There's a push in Venezuela to get Carlos Gonzalez elected to his first All-Star game, Rockies fans also should vote early and often for the outfielder. Gonzalez should have a good chance with baseball fans outside his two home turfs this year, especially since a potential PED backlash against Ryan Braun could hamper one of his major rivals. Obviously Kemp will deservedly come out on top, but after him, it will be between Braun, CarGo and Justin Upton for the other two starting spots.