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Tuesday Rockpile: Cuddyer Fitting in Just Fine

Michael Cuddyer can princess wave all he wants after his start.
Michael Cuddyer can princess wave all he wants after his start.

There was Josh WIllingham, Carlos Beltran, Michael Cuddyer or a starting pitcher. That was who the Rockies could spend their money on, and after sending Huston Street to San Diego in a salary dump, it seemed clear they would pull the trigger on someone. In the end, the Rockies spent the most money on the player Rockies fans seemed to like the least from potential free agents signees.

As frightened inmate #2 said at the time, that doesn't mean we couldn't grow to love Cuddyer. So far, exactly that has happened.

Cuddyer is 8-for-16 with runners in scoring position, hitting .455 with a men on base, and is 5-for-9 in "late and close" situations. He is second to Todd Helton on the team in WPA. He pulled out the game winning hit in both wins in Milwaukee despite playing with a badly injured toe, bad enough that he had his toenail removed (picture here if you dare). He is hitting .353 at home and .333 on the road, .368 vs RHP and .294 vs LHP. He has been a godsend so far.

While randomness/baseball gods/BABIP etc will normalize a bit, his contract looks mighty fine so far. We'll worry about the other 97% of his contract later.

The Virginian-Pilot profiled the Virginian native this morning, stating that fitting in with the Rockies on the field was never as big of a worry as fitting into Denver. No one likes moving, finding new restaurants, grocery stores and parks. They found a park, and from the relayed anecdote, it sounds like his family has taken to Denver and the Rockies pretty well:

The Cuddyers have moved into a house near a park with a baseball diamond - a perfect spot for his 4-year-old son to take batting practice.

The other day, his son launched a deep shot out of the infield and proclaimed it a grand slam by Troy Tulowitzki, the Rockies' All-Star shortstop.

Not dad?

"No, it was Tulo who hit the grand slam," Cuddyer said, laughing.

Off Topic


Rockies' game vs. Pirates postponed Monday because of weather - The Denver Post That means a double header Wednesday and Jamie Moyer starting tonight, a full week after his last start.

As mentioned by Bryan Kilpatrick in Know Your Foe yesterday, the Pirates are kinda struggling. You can listen to Andrew Martin preview the series and the players on the Bucs Dugout Podcast.

Rockies Mailbag: Don't fear for Tulowitzki and Gonzalez - The Denver Post The best answer in this mailbag by Patrick Saunders is in response to another "Why not start Colvin over Fowler" question. Many are worried about Fowler's tendency to strikeout, but Fowler's strikeout rate (25.9%) is lower than Colvin's (31.3%), and Colvin hit just .150 last year with a much lower K rate.

Matt Belisle's consistent relief work helps build Rockies' bullpen - The Denver Post He has faced 24 batters, struck out 6, and retired 23.

FanGraphs Guts! (wOBA & FIP Constants) | FanGraphs Baseball Those of you that like to tinker with stats just got a present from Fangraphs. All constants for each year for the wOBA and FIP formulas were revealed yesterday.

The Child Field-Stormer At U.S. Cellular, Who Ran Without Fear - Baseball Nation When a fan runs on the field during a game, there is no question what the course of action will be when he is caught. Tackle him, hard. But what if the fan is five years old?

Young's speed helping swing games for Rox | News I was skeptical of Eric Young Jr. having an impact on the team. I had visions of weekly starts at second base and center field, but he is being utilized perfectly. He has had 13 plate appearances, reached base six times and scored four times.