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Saturday Rockpile: Rockies' Ageless One Takes the Hill Today


The Rockies have a lot of reasons to gain attention from the masses - you know, having two of the best young stars in the game in Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez, calling a top 5 ballpark in baseball their home, and having a strong farm system that several experts admittedly underrate. There are really only a couple reasons why they don't get it on a regular basis: not playing in New York/Boston/Philly/Chicago/Los Angeles, and the fact that they've missed the playoffs the last couple of years. This offseason, the Rox added another huge attention gainer - not Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder, obviously, but a guy who was drafted when the former was a toddler and the latter was a newborn. And, with a somewhat-unreasonably high level of excitement surrounding him, he'll make his debut for the Rockies tonight. There is news-o'-plenty regarding Jamie Moyer's start in Houston against the Astros. I'll help feed the fire with some links:

Moyer among star athletes, entertainers born in '62 | News
Look at some of these names - including one of my childhood heroes, John Stockton. Amazing.

Ageless Moyer toes the rubber for Colorado in Houston |
There is an awesome 'Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball on Super Nintendo' quote by Astros starter Lucas Harrell in this piece by The Sports Network.

MLB Preview - Colorado Rockies at Houston Astros - Apr 07, 2012 -

CarGo happy to start year under the radar | News
Carlos Gonzalez, who got jammed every time he was at the plate last night, prefers a quiet start to a season. You know what you're going to get from CarGo, as long as he's healthy. There's also a bunch of other good reads in this piece by Thomas Harding, including blurbs on Chris Nelson, Jason Giambi, and notes from last night's victory.