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Purple Row Radio - May 11th, 2012: Christian Friedrich Edition featuring Craig Baker

Purple Row Radio
Purple Row Radio

Welcome back to Purple Row Radio. On this edition, Andrew, Paul and I are joined once again by former Rockies minor league pitcher Craig Baker. As a friend and peer of Christian Friedrich, Baker has lots of insight on the newest Rockies pitcher, who made his MLB debut on Wednesday. Even better, he actually got to watch the game, while the rest of us were stuck with audio, if anything at all.

Listen as we discuss the following topics and more:
- Craig discusses his impressions, positive and negative, of Friedrich's start, and breaks down his overall skills as a pitcher.
- What does Craig think might have been holding Friedrich back over the past couple of years? What sorts of injury concerns did he have in 2010?
- Craig reveals tons of fascinating information on the relationship the front office has with the minor league players, how they formulate their opinions on them at a distance, and how that can lead to misconceptions of a player's character.
- We discuss what is going to happen to Friedrich in the near future, as the returns of Jeremy Guthrie, Jorge De La Rosa and perhaps eventually Jhoulys Chacin will soon be sending at least two more youngsters back down.
- A breakdown of what situations might lead to Jamie Moyer being sent to the bullpen or released.
- Andrew's upcoming vacation.

One other note: the quality of this episode is a bit lower than normal. Both my normal production and post-production processes went through version changes and other randomness this week, so give me some time to adjust and hopefully the sound will be back to normal soon

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Purple Row Radio - 5/11/12