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Dodgers 7, Rockies 3: Moyer, Fowler Hit Walls, Rockies Lose 6th of 7

Uh, ball's behind you Dex
Uh, ball's behind you Dex

The same old problem hit Colorado tonight -- lack of length from starting pitchers (as well as that constant nemesis, poor road offense). This time, despite allowing a first inning solo homer to former Rockie Mark Ellis, Jamie Moyer had looked excellent through two outs in the 4th, allowing only the one hit. Even after he allowed a run on two hits with two outs in the frame, Moyer was still cruising, really keeping the Dodgers off balance.

In the 5th inning though, Moyer (1-3) allowed 4 hits (one of which led to the embarrassing picture of Dexter Fowler accompanying this story) and 3 runs...and just like that he was gone from the game. It's becoming all too common an occurrence for Rockies starters, and it needs to stop quickly if Colorado is to have any playoff aspirations. On the night, Moyer allowed 5 runs on 7 hits in his 5 innings, striking out an amazing 7 batters in the process.

Offensively, Michael Cuddyer broke Chris Capuano's (5-0) 25.1 inning scoreless streak with a solo homer (4) that finally got Colorado in the board in the 7th. Colorado tacked on two stat padding runs in the 9th, but this game never felt close. Pretty depressing, actually.

13 - 18


Lost 1


Let's get them tomorrow, I guess.

Graph: Graph confirms. Pretty depressing.

Source: FanGraphs

We Salute: Todd Helton? (.035 WPA) -- that's pretty depressing when the most valuable player increases your chances of winning by 3%

We Are Disappointed In: Everyone else, yeesh

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