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Saturday Rockpile: I Blame ROOT Sports for the Rockies' Road Failures

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I don't know how many other people out there actually pay attention to stuff like this, but ROOT Sports' promos for Rockies games are absolutely atrocious. I'm sure you know which ones I'm talking about; the voice-over guy plays the part of an extreme homer, saying stuff like "WE TOOK THE SERIES FROM 'EEM LAST TIME AT HOME, NOW WE'RE GOING FOR THE SWEEP IN THEIR PARK" over highlights of Troy Tulowitzki making a routine play look spectacular, Jonathan Herrera laying down a sac bunt, and Jason Giambi hitting a ball 975 feet.

Look, I get that 95% of the Rockies' (and probably every other professional sports team's) fan base is of the casual nature. I also get that within that 95%, 95% are homers, at least to some degree. But still, it doesn't make those promos any less irritating.

So, with that, here are a few things that the voice-over guy, assuming he stops being an unreasonable homer, should be saying during the promos:

1. "At least Jamie Moyer pitches for us and not the Dodgers/Giants, right? Saves us from the embarrassment of him pitching a two-hit, CGSO against our boys."

2. "Come on, guys - what do you say we change the taco rule to three runs on the road? Go get 'em, boys."

3. "Let's see our boys beat the...ah, f*** it - tune back in when the next homestand starts."

You guys should definitely comment with your own, which are 103% likely to be better than mine.

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Rockies' Drew Pomeranz heads to Triple-A Sky Sox - The Denver Post
This move sparked a bit of controversy, and that is understandable. However, despite the fact that I don't really like the idea of Jamie Moyer pitching for this club much longer, I don't really mind this move in particular. Pomeranz needs to find his velocity and work on commanding his secondary pitches. He still doesn't have a whole hell of a lot of minor league innings under his belt, so I don't mind the Rockies letting him work through some issues at AAA. Pomeranz seems to have the right attitude about the move, as well. Let's hope he shows it on the mound.

Meanwhile, Josh Outman seems to have completed his rehab work and is now with the big club for the first time this season. His activation from the disabled list is the corresponding move to the demotion of Pomeranz. Outman didn't appear in last night's game, but both relievers who did (Carlos Torres and Esmil Rogers) allowed home runs, so hopefully Outman does better work than that.

Rockies' prospect Tyler Matzek on call to step up - The Denver Post
Irv Moss has quotes from Rockies' director of player development Jeff Bridich on Kyle Parker, Tyler Anderson, and Matzek, who is looking to rebound from two horrendous starts after making five pretty good ones.