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Mariners 10, Rockies 3, picking up other hobbies would be advised now.

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There are MLB teams worth watching in the major leagues, quality teams that give a combined effort on both sides of the pitching/offense equation to win consistently, or even teams that seem to have each others' backs and have the bats pull through when the pitching can't, or vice versa. Then there are teams like the Rockies, seemingly dysfunctional in their play. They dig themselves into big holes early and play without any semblance of pride late. They seem to have such a level of mistrust of their teammates getting the job done that they may as well be writing their own Ayn Rand novel. They let little problems explode into big ones, and let the big problems linger, ugly and unresolved.

This is not a team worth watching if you want to see a winning franchise as a fan. There is some value for those of us that like watching the development of prospects into major leaguers, as there are enough players with decent potential that going through the growing pains with them might pay off in a couple of seasons. But it's clear right now that the operative word in that last sentence for the 2012 Rockies is "pain". At the beginning of the season there was a chance this wouldn't be the case, but right now it's pretty clear that this will be a long and bumpy ride the rest of the way. There will be better times ahead, but it would be extremely unlikely for there to be enough of them to overcome this disastrous early May stretch.

As far as today's game, I didn't watch it. Thankfully I was on a plane, and had input the start time in my calendar incorrectly. I've never been so thankful to make time zone error as I am now. Apparently Wilin Rosario hit a home run and Christian Friedrich proved that Coors is still a tricky place to pitch in. It's not funny that Jason Vargas seemingly proved otherwise.

15 - 24


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