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Mariners All of the Runs, Rockies Only Some of the Runs: Rockies Gonna Rock

<em>Pictured (L to R):</em> Jim Tracy, Wilin Rosario, Adam Ottavino. <em>Not pictured:</em> Rosario telling Ottavino he'd give him $1000 to slap Tracy upside the mouth a few seconds beforehand.
Pictured (L to R): Jim Tracy, Wilin Rosario, Adam Ottavino. Not pictured: Rosario telling Ottavino he'd give him $1000 to slap Tracy upside the mouth a few seconds beforehand.

The Rockies just got swept by the Mariners. Basically, the way their pitching staff is throwing right now is akin to if Henry Rowengartner would have continued pitching after his arm went back to normal at the end of the Academy Award-winning film Rookie of the Year (sorry if I ruined the ending for you). Hell, even Esmil Rogers struck out Matt Kemp once, just like the diminutive Rowengartner K'd feared 90's baseball movie villain Butch Heddo with a floater to send the Cubs to the playoffs.


Jeremy Guthrie allowed 25 runs on 36 hits (including 29 homers) and 12 walks, raising his ERA at Coors Field this season to 475.81. He is really, REALLY terrible right now, as many people suspected a perennial flyball pitcher would be while pitching half of his games in LoDo. At least the bullpen pitched well in their three innings of work, though, as Matt Reynolds, Adam Ottavino, and Josh Outman kept the Mariners off the board. They should be promoted to the big leagues.

On the other side, Blake Beavan struck out seven batters. He had never struck out more than four batters in any other outing in his career. So, that's a cool stat that should make you feel all good and optimistic inside. The Mariners' pitchers struck out 13 Rockies batters in total, which makes one wonder where that approach from early in the season went. That was a time when the Rockies were at the top of the league in strikeout rate. That's not the case anymore, obviously, whatsoever. Edit: the Rockies batters are still 7th-lowest in MLB in K%. Sue me.

I guess I should mention that the Rockies tried to make in interesting in the ninth inning, when Dexter Fowler homered and Eric Young Jr., Jason Giambi, and Carlos Gonzalez (who was 3-for-5 with a homer) hit consecutive singles. All that got the Rockies to within two runs, but then Troy Tulowitzki got in the way again and ruined the rally with a groundout that was nearly a double play (and didn't score a run). Todd Helton (who is now hitting just .218) would strike out in the next plate appearance, and that was that.

Really embarrassing stuff this homestand from the hometown nine, particularly after a satisfying win in the opener, in which they pitched well AND hit well (which we've seen about three times this season). The question is, is it enough to send anyone packing (I'm looking at you, old guy in the dugout with the gray hair and underbite)? We'll see.

15 - 25


Lost 2


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