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Braves 7, Rockies 2: Juan Nicasio Roughed Up by Stupid Freddie Freeman, Stupid Atlanta


Whoops...late game wrap. Sundays'll be Sundays. I'll make it quick and give you three things...

1. With today's homer, Freddie Freeman now has eight against the Rockies in under 50 plate appearances. He also tripled, drove in three, and scored twice. He's also still horrendously weird-looking.

2. Rockies pitchers allowed nine more hits today, bringing the total for the nine-game homestand to 122. That is an alarming number, Coors Field or otherwise. The Rockies' team ERA was north of 6.50 for the homestand, as well.

3. 3-6 homestands simply will not get it done, especially for this team, and especially with the way they perform on the road. Sure, they were in every single game (and had a great chance to win every game) except for today's, but the simple fact is that this team won't ever possibly be able to score enough runs to counteract their abysmal pitching staff.

12 - 15


Lost 3


Graph and such after the jump...

Source: FanGraphs

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