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Jhoulys Chacin Placed on 15-Day DL, Option Rescinded

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The Colorado Rockies announced earlier Monday evening that they have canceled the option placed on RHP Jhoulys Chacin and sent him to the 15-day DL with right shoulder inflammation. The announcement was made via a press release.

Chacin, 24, was sent to Triple-A Colorado Springs on May 2, after a disappointing season start in which he has a 0-3 record with a 7.30 ERA in five starts. As we discussed earlier today, Chacin has been subject to medical evaluation, and in the end he has been diagnosed with this shoulder issue.

"Last week I had an MRI and they found this shoulder inflammation, so the team decided it was better for me to recover fully instead of keep on pitching. That could make things worse", Chacin said in a statement.

The righty has dealt with several health issues since Spring Training, including a blister in his middle right finger and bicep tendinitis. Ever since he reported to Rockies camp in Arizona, the Venezuelan hurler has shown command and velocity problems, for which the causes could be both mental and physical.

"I don't know how the rehab process will go, but the first thing will be to strengthen both my shoulder and bicep with several exercises," Chacin said. "It is the very same thing that affected me during Spring Training and that could be the cause behind my velocity being diminished. My arm has not felt the same way whenever I pitch. Even my breaking pitches haven't had the same effect as they used to, and that could be a consequence of this weakness in my arm."

"The only thing I want to focus on is on a full recovery," Chacin said. "The Rockies count on me, but in order to help them out, I have to be fully healthy. I know what I'm capable of, and I'm sure I'll have a better performance down the road, and that's the one thing I'll look forward to. I am working to get better as soon as I can and help my team in the way I know I can."

Greg Stanwood, Purple Row's resident Transactions expert, chimed in to explain why and how Chacin's option was rescinded:

In this particular case, nothing about Chacin's option had actually affected either the Rockies or the Sky Sox. Chacin did not play in a game for either team. The only notable change regarding Chacin's absence from the team was the recall of Carlos Torres. However, because Chacin's move to the disabled list lands retroactively BEFORE Torres was called up, having put Chacin on the DL on 5/2 would not have interfered with the recall of Torres.

So because Chacin did not play between May 2nd and May 3rd for the Rockies nor did he appear in a game in his optional assignment, and because the optional assignment was too short to be burned already, the retroactive DL move effectively cancels the option, and not a single thing is affected.