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Brad Penny Released from Softbank Hawks, Has Pro Offers

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The Fukuoka Softbank Hawks of Japan's Pacific League have released right-handed pitcher Brad Penny, according to a article (via Patrick Newman of @npbtracker). A rough translation suggests that Penny had complained of right shoulder pain and was having difficulty adjusting to Japanese ball:

According to team officials, Penny was "unable to adapt well to baseball in Japan, [and he] strongly desired to leave."

That noted, Buster Olney is suggesting that Penny already has offers from multiple Major League teams for both starter and reliever roles:

Penny, 33, signed with the Hawks in early February for $3 million. The 13th-year vet has been on six different professional rosters, including five seasons with the Marlins and five with the Dodgers between 2000-2009. Since then, Penny has bounced around teams including the Red Sox, Giants, Cardinals, and finally the Tigers before signing with the Hawks in Japan.

Could the Rockies be one of the interested teams?

With Jeremy Guthrie and Jhoulys Chacin on the DL, Drew Pomeranz expected to miss his next start after his injury in San Diego, and a bullpen suffering from overwork, the Rockies are turning to Alex White and Christian Friedrich to turn the rotation around. Given their lack of MLB innings, perhaps the Rockies acquire Penny -- as an insurance policy -- to either provide rotation depth or to function as the long man out of the pen?

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