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Friday Rockpile: Rockies Showing Signs of Life, Rotation Still Terrible

oh god he is just such a boss
oh god he is just such a boss

When I left for my vacation on May 11, the Rockies were sitting at 13-17, 6.5 games back in the division. When I returned, the Rockies were sitting at 17-29, 14.5 games back in the division. I debated on making a quick post on the site in the middle of the day that just said "I leave for 2 weeks and THIS happens?!" I decided to err on the side of caution and not pile on.

I was treated to the series finale between the Rockies and the Astros, during which I was treated to Carlos Gonzalez tying a MLB record for hitting a home run in 4 consecutive AB and Marco Scutaro pulling a moonshot into the LF bleachers.

Nothing like a 4-game sweep against one of the few teams worse than the Rockies to lift our spirits. Oh wait, even after the sweep, they're still a half-game better than us. Well... that makes it better, right?

The issue is obviously still the rotation. Yes, that horse is starting to stink just laying dead out there in the field, but I figure I should point out that the only pitcher in the rotation with an ERA lower than 6 over the past 2 weeks is nobody. The upside of that morbid stat is the fact that FIP and xFIP say that the Rockies' pitching staff SHOULD be getting considerably better results going forward, once all of those mathematical regression things happen. Well, except for Jamie Moyer.

I wish I had an explanation for what you all had to sit through whilst I was in the land of cheese and chocolate and tastybeer. I wish anybody did. Even Dan O'Dowd is flabbergasted as to what's going on right now, regarding such topics as Jeremy Guthrie:

"I don't know... I know I'm supposed to have all the answers... Four years of 200-plus innings, pitching in the American League East, actually getting his brains beat in at times, you'd think that would prepare him for the gauntlet that he'd go through here at times. I think the freakish injury certainly didn't help. He's three starts back from that now. He hasn't even looked close to being the pitcher that we scouted over a long period of time. That one's been a little perplexing to me to be frank with you, especially the lack of strike throwing."

Why Coors Field is playing like it's the 90s again:

"For some reason, this year it's playing much differently. I wish I knew the answer for that."

And even his own job security:

"It's my 30th year doing this. If I get (fired) at the end of the year, then it happens. There's nothing I can do about that. I believe in what we're doing. This is painful. I get it."

(Above quotes from Dan O'Dowd unplugged | Dave Krieger - Exclusive Station for the Rockies, Broncos & Buffs)

So to conclude, I guess I'm kind of dispassionate about this season. There's a lot of disappointment, and there's a lot of blame to go around. We might see a lot of change this offseason, or even sooner. We might not see much change for another 3 years. It's really hard to try and put a finger on how to react to bad performances from such an obvious transition team.

Maybe we can just use this season to try and demonstrate to elementary school age kids what Colorado baseball was like before the humidor. That's fun, right?

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