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Thursday Rockpile: Rockies rolling, continue to pile up draft points for 2013

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I'm out of town in an exotic, hostile place, with limited time and Internet access, and as that's the case, today's Rockpile will be brief, as I have to post a game thread as well before diving back into the world American opera.

Troy Tulowitzki had an injury setback in AAA. It seems every god in the baseball pantheon remains on board with the plan to get the Rockies the best possible 2013 draft pick. The only question now is whether the plan from the baseball gods for this pick is to break our hearts with another devastating bust or actually supply the Rockies with a player worth choosing this time around.

Troy Renck offers a rescue plan for the Rockies that involves the use of Michael Cuddyer at 2nd base. That this proposal should be seen as a viable option at this point is another sign of how weak the team is, similar to the decision to use Jamie Moyer in the rotation out of Spring Training.

Speaking of Moyer, the underlying fundamentals of the Rockies pitching staff have improved even as the results have taken a turn to the south since Moyer departed. The short story with this is that the team's rotation is no longer as bad as we're seeing in the results. Josh Outman's one walk, four K start with plenty of GB's last night is a good example of an outing that should typically see better results in the runs allowed department than what actually occurred. Outman, Christian Friedrich, and Alex White are all pitching modestly well, but the Rockies defense has not been supporting those efforts. With this understood, moving Cuddyer to second will exacerbate what is already one of the 2012 Rockies biggest disappointments.

The Rockies signed 11th round pick Correlle Prime, the 1B will be assigned to Grand Junction.

Meanwhile, first round pick David Dahl is already picking up glowing praise from the G.J. press.