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A's sweep Rockies, Coors Field continues to rain disappointment on the home team.

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Rockies 2, Athletics 8

The Rockies got swept, at home, by an AL West team, again. Jarrod Parker pitched very well, and the A's offense hit Alex White and Josh Roenicke well. The Rockies defense played poorly and the offense was nearly silenced until a two run rally in the ninth made the score look a little closer than the game actually was. Marco Scutaro hit a home run.

As the picture above depicts, and as countless more probably would, what fire this team had has long since been extinguished. There's not a lot else to write right now, as the images all speak volumes and write it all for us. Not that this is a cop-out for me writing a more complete recap, mind you. No, that cop-out would be the Internet connection in my hotel, which has been mostly non-existent up to now and I don't know how long this current window's going to last. Maybe the Rockies will stay in this same hotel when they're in Philadelphia next week and avoid getting their feelings hurt by all the mean things we're going to write if their season continues heading South.

Anyway, to the team right now, I simply say good luck, as here's another simple image that says much:

24 - 38


Lost 8