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Rockies let opponent's walks and their own ugly get in the way of starting a win streak in Detroit


Christian Friedrich's lack of control would eventually cost the Rockies more than the first inning home run he allowed to Miguel Cabrera. And aside from that home run to Cabrera, it cost them more than whatever you want to call that fifth inning run he also scored. I choose ugly. You can't have ugly, I've already chosen it. Worse though, the five walk, one hit-by-pitch in five innings performance from Friedrich showed the exact opposite of the kind of progress the team needs to see from young starting pitchers if it wants to make the turn around to being a competitive club.

Carlos Gonzalez led the offense with three hits, but the rest of the team combine for just three more as Doug Fister effectively isolated Cargo's success. Eventually Gonzalez would score in the ninth, but the one run came too late in a 4-1 loss.

The Rockies and Tigers play the rubber game of the series tomorrow.

25 - 39


Lost 1